Stewart / Stuart

Stewart black modern  Modern  STEWART MTD DRESS GL083 600x600  Dress  Stewart crest  Crest

Gaelic Name: Stiùbhard

Motto: Virescit vulnere virtus (Courage grows strong at a wound)

Badge: Thistle

Lands: Renfrewshire, Teviotdale and Lauderdale

Origin of Name: From the High Steward of Scotland

The Stewart family records its traditional descent from Banquo, Thane of Lochaber, who makes an appearance as a character in William Shakespeare’s MacBeth. Historically, however, the family appears to be descended from an ancient family who were senechals of Dol in Brittany. They acquired lands in England after the Norman conquest and moved to Scotland when David I ascended to the throne of Scotland. The family were granted extensive estates in Renfrewshire and East Lothian and the office of High Steward was made hereditary in the family.


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