Lennox modern  Modern  Lennox dress red gl039  Dress  Lennox crest  Crest

Crest: Two broadswords in saltire behind a swan’s head and neck all Proper

Motto: I’ll Defend

Badge: A rose slipped Gules

Lands: Dunbartonshire

The Lennox clan has a great significance in Scotland’s early history. The Earldom of Lennox covered a vast area around Dunbartonshire as well as parts of Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire and Perthshire. The name derives from the ancient Celtic Mormaers of Levenax from which came the Earls of Lennox. Several theories exist as to the actual origins of the clan however the powerful Earls had established a strong power base by the end of the 13th century; the fifth Earl being a prominent supporter of Bruce’s claim to the throne. Despite leading an army to besiege Carlisle in 1296 the fifth Earl signed the Ragman’s Roll, swearing loyalty to Edward I of England. However like so many of his noble contemporaries he soon changed his support to the cause of Scotland’s independence.


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