Mws2081 im davidson modern  Modern  Davidson crest  Crest

Gaelic Name: MacDhaibhidh

Motto: Sapienter Si Sincere (Wisely if sincerely)

Clan Badge: Red whortleberry

Origin of Name: Gaelic, Daibhidh (David)

Donald Dubh of Invernahaven, having married the daughter of the sixth chief of the MacKintoshes, took his family, the Clan Dhai, as the Davidsons were then known, into association with the MacKintoshes when William was their seventh chief. Dhai was the Gaelic name the family had inherited from their first leader David Dubh. The MacKintoshes were part of the Clan Chattan confederation and so too became the Davidsons. There were jealousies within the confederation because of favouritism shown to the MacKintoshes by the Captain of Clan Chattan and the Davidsons invariably found themselves called into fights by numerous peers.


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