Macfie Muted Polyester  Modern  Macfie crest  Crest

Gaelic Name: MacDubh-shithe

Motto: Pro rege (For the king)

Badge: Heather

Lands: Colonsay

Origin of Name: Gaelic, MacDubh-shithe (Son of the Dark Fairy)

The gaelic name Mac a’Phi gives the English phonetic spelling Macafie, sometimes shortened to Macfie or MacPhee. However, in its original form, the name was probable Mac Dhuibh Shith or “Son of the Dark Fairy”. The “dark fairy” is synonymous with the dark stranger who must be the first to cross the threshold at the turn of the new year, bringing presents of food and drink, and symbolising good fortune. Mac Dhuibh Shith is also anglicised to MacDuffie, another way of referring to the clan and in some early manuscripts both names are used to refer to the same person. The identity of this stranger is mysterious but legend gives the family of MacPhee its descent from this supernatural creature, who was thought to come from the sea. So the descent of the MacPhees is shrouded in legend and traditional folklore.

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