MACNAUGHTON MUTED BA074T 600x600  Modern  Macnaughton crest  Crest

Gaelic Name: MacNeachdainn

Motto: I hope in God

Badge: Trailing azalea

Lands: Strathtay, Lewis, and Argyll

Origin of Name: Gaelic, Son of Nechtan, pure one

The earliest reference to the clan MacNaughton connects them with the great Pictish rulers of Moray. The name ‘Nechtan’ which means ‘pure’ or ‘clear’ was popular in the Pictish royal line, and the progenitor of the clan is thought to be Nechtan Mor, who lived in the tenth century. The MacNaughton family opposed Robert the Bruce in his attempt to gain the throne of Scotland and, as a result, forfeited many of their lands when he became king. The fortunes of the clan were somewhat restored by David II when he granted them lands in Lewis.


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