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Gaelic Name: Caimbeul

Motto: Ne Obliviscaris (Do not forget)

Badge: Bog Myrtle

Lands: Argyll

Origin of Name: Gaelic, Caimbeul from ‘Cam’ (wry) and ‘Beul’ (mouth).

The origin of the Campbells like most Scots are a blend of races. The Campbells are historically a powerful family, during the 16th to 18th Centuries they were one of the leading families in Argyll and Perthshire. For over 450 years from 1457 onwards, the Chiefs of Clan Campbell have played important roles within the government of Scotland Many Cambells share the Gaelic/Scots blood of the Dalriadic O’Duibne people who were based in Lochawe in the 13th century. The descent of the Campell family is also said to come from the Britonic Celts of Strathclyde, this is sometimes called the “Romano British”. The Britonic Celts are from the northwestern part of the early “Kingdom of Strathclyde”.


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