Galbraith modern  Modern  Galbraith crest  Crest

Gaelic Name: Galbraith

Motto: Ab obice sauvoir (Sweeter for there having been difficulties)

Origin of Name: Gaelic: Foreign Briton

Historic Seat: Culcreuch Castle, Stirlingshire

In 1124, Scotland became a single kingdom down to the border with England. By the end of the 12th century emerged the Galbraith’s first chief, Gilchrist Bretnach. Among the Scots hierarchy he stood equal to royal Lennox. He married the granddaughter of the new order’s 1st Earl of Lennox, and had a son Gillespic. The family home was upon Inchgalbraith. The 5th Chief of Galbraith was Sir Arthur, who was a supporter of Robert the Bruce and profited in Bruce’s success. The Galbraiths had ties with the House of Lennox that meant their own destiny was influenced whenever the Lennox was.

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