Hunter modern  Modern  Hunter crest  Crest

Gaelic Name: Mac an Sealgair

Motto: Cursum perficio (I have completed the course)

Badge: Sea Pink (Armeria Maritima)

Lands: Ayrshire

Seat: Hunterston Castle, West Kilbride

The Hunter family have an interesting claim to fame in their early years. It’s almost certain that a Hunter had a hand in creating the Bayeux tapestry, one of the greatest historical documents of early history, documenting the path to the English Throne of William the Conqueror. The Hunter’s association with Norman Kings proably dates back to around 896 when the Viking Rollo sacked the city of Paris. They became huntsmen to the Viking King’s descendants who later became Dukes of Normandy. The family would have continued that association possibly travelling over to Britain with Queen Matilda after the Battle of Hastings.


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